Window leaks – how to approach the situation


During the cold and rainy season, you have the opportunity to examine your old windows and determine if you can rely on their perfect condition or if they will soon start causing you trouble. Moreover, you can recognize if your windows perform successfully the task of maintaining the interiors of your house warm or if you should worry about winter’s fast approach. The main problems homeowners experience with their windows include leaks and drafts. Nevertheless, making a distinction between these two inconveniences is very important because drafts are in close relationship with windows while leaks could appear from other places and this could be very tricky. For instance, if you notice water stains or moisture around or close to your window, you immediately blame deterioration and consider a new window installation. However, you should not rush to conclusions because leaks may have other causes that you should identify.

Inspect the area and identify the problem

In order to conclude if your windows are in fact leaking or not, you should carefully examine the area around the window and even the entire wall because it will give you important clues related to the actual cause of the alarming leaking. For instance, if you see leaks above, below and around the respective window, you should immediately search an opening in the wall because it clearly allows water to enter inside your home and threaten your security. Do not expect to find the opening right in the area surrounding the window because sometimes, it lies hidden around upper floors or even the roof, especially when it comes to old residences. Furthermore, you may have to remove the entire window to discover the source of the unpleasant leaks. You can blame the window if you notice leaks directly on the window frame.

Attempting to fix window leaks

Unfortunately, eliminating leaks is not as easy as you may think. Actually, both the solution and the rapidity of putting the solution into practice mostly depend on the cause of the leaks. In some cases, homeowners can initiate the fixing process by themselves while in major cases they must contact a professional company capable of tackling the issue and rebuilding the affected part of the wall before replacing the window. The team will be able to inform you about the exact cause, the extent of the damage and the most efficient and cost-effective solution. This will prevent experiencing other similar problems in the near future.

Preventing window leaks from happening

Even though most windows today do not require maintenance, you still need to ensure a maximum level of performance over the years. Therefore, you have to examine your windows periodically and make sure the seal remains intact. You may have to replace the caulking for a continuous closure. You should also pay attention to the cleanliness of drainage channels. Sometimes, dust, leaves and debris block the water flow, thus leading to pooling in the window. If you still experience leaks, you should think whether you should j=hire a repairing or replacement company to solve the issue.

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