Tips for planning an epic party

You may receive tons of messages every week inviting you to parties. Some of them are definitely promising, but others turn out to be housing greasy chips. And the worst case would be to come the police and shut the party down. But, you know that you can do better, you can plan a party everyone will enjoy. A party is the perfect social event, and if you make sure to follow the golden rules of organizing it, then it will be remembered a long time from now. If you want to host the party at home, then you should read a Party Planner Guide, because if you do not throw the party the right way, your next invitations will not even be read. You should know from the beginning that pulling together many people is a difficult task, and not everyone would handle it successfully. Here are some tips that can help you.


Perfect your guest list

You cannot throw a party without inviting many people, so the first step to plan an epic party is to work on the guest list. You will definitely invite your friends, but if you want to throw an epic party, then you should try to bring as many people as possible to your house. People will obviously come because they know you, but they also want to join to the party, because they hope to meet interesting people, and you should work on the guest list, to make sure that every one of them is amazing. So invite the people you have met at festivals, your ex-roommates and even your work friends.

Lie about the start time

Everyone has been there, you already know that you have some friends who will show up exactly when you tell them, but there are also people who will be late, and they will stroll in 4 hours later. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you have a steady flow of people to the party, you should tell different groups different start times. Also, there are people who do not leave a party until the sun comes up, and in case you want to get rid of them earlier, then you should tell them different end times. In this way, people, hopefully, will be there at the same time and your party will be successful.

Make a party playlist

There are multiple reasons to make the playlist ahead, because no one will stay at your party if the atmosphere is bad and the music is worse. You should consider the musical preferences the people you invited to the party have, and you should make a super long playlist. It is ideal to have a playlist that features a few hours of chatting tunes, because at the beginning of the party people will want to get to know each other. Then you should include a few hours of dancing music, because people come to the party to have fun. Moreover, at the end of the playlist you can add one or two hours of relaxed music.

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