The perfect family car. Does Honda Civic fall into this category?

If you are planning to start a family, most certainly you are asking yourself what car does make a great family car. Well, we know for sure that there are some great alternatives on the market, but which ones are those? Do you really need a SUV as a family car, or are those compact, yet spacious vehicles good enough? Also, do you really need a new car, or is an used Honda Civic good enough, let’s say? We did some research and found out dome answers for you. Keep reading below for finding out.


1. The parent’s preferred car

In 2016, Honda Civic won the “Best Family Car Pick” of Parent’s Magazine. The voters claimed that the car has the ability to change one’s perception on what makes a perfect family car. And although many families still vote with the traditional SUV, there seems to appear a change of paradigm. Honda is setting the bar quite high with their last models.

2. Generous back seats

If you fear that your children would be too cramped in a vehicle from the small segment one, you couldn’t be more wrong. The late (and even early ones) Honda Civic models have plenty of leg space in the back, and honestly, even in the front. Because of this reason, many parents seem to draw their attention towards this amazing piece and give up the ridiculously large vehicles.

3. The increased safety of this vehicle is not only a legend

You might have heard some of your fellow parents claim that their Honda Civic vehicles are the safest possible. You might be tempted to think that this is simply a legend. Well, profile magazines claim the same. If you have the specialist’s assurance, you’d better take their word for it.

4. Great fuel economy levels

In terms of fuel economy, the Honda Civic is a great vehicle. Given the engine capabilities this car as, it makes the perfect family car, regardless your monthly budget.  Consider this especially if you have quite a restricted one, if you want to save some money on fuel.

Make sure you consider this little gem as a family car. It is ideal from all points of view and it’s more than perfect for small to medium families. After all, you could not cramp seven family members in anything else than a minivan.

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