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Dodge Challenger – Why is it the best buy?

Dodge Challenger – Why is it the best buy?


A truly classic vehicle, the Challenger is a thrill to drive. With an aggressive appearance, or a more modern one, the Challenger comes to satisfy all clients’ desires in terms of power and appearance. Many complain about its prices, but by investing in a used Dodge Challenger is a more affordable option, while the performances are preserved. The engine will still rumble with power and the car will still be looking handsome. But below are some other reasons for which a Dodge Challenger may be the best buy of all.

1. A gorgeous retro jewellery

The Challenger is an automobile that preserves beautifully the 1970s look, without any trace of doubt. It catches the eye for sure, with its aggressive and large design, with all details to which the manufacturer seemed to play great attention. It is muscular, yet with delicate lines, the Challenger looks unlike any other car on the road.

2. Powerful engine

Even the base model comes with a 305 horsepower V6. This surely is a powerful and solid engine, able to satisfy the need for speed and power of many. Moreover, the V6 engine option is by far better than other V6 options available on the market. Also, there is an engine option that comes with 5.7-liter and V8. All trim options perform wonderfully and they are more than anybody would expect, in most of the cases.

3. It’s a comfy car

In the past, muscle cars seemed to compromise comfort for power, but this is no longer the case for the powerful Challenger. Especially the 2017 model comes with plenty of leg space for passengers and driver, which is a great advantage. Also, the smooth suspension makes even the bumpiest road a piece of cake. The car it’s a pleasure, overall.

4. A generous trunk

Needless to say, the car also comes with quite a roomy trunk. The trunk comes in the 16.2 cubic feet dimensions, making it quite useful in various situations. Needless to say, generous cargo space wouldn’t be expected from such a vehicle, but it offers it quite well.

These are for of the reasons for which you should consider investing in a Dodge Challenger. It looks amazing, it’s fast to drive, it offers increased levels of comfort, and while the looks on this vehicle surpass others you will see on the road.

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Time-saving tips for busy moms

Time-saving tips for busy moms

Modern women surely have plenty on their minds, and honestly speaking, not too much time on their hands. Juggling with children, household duties, and jobs at the same time has never been easy. As a result, not many of them have some extra time during which to take care of themselves. But, when it comes to makeup, there are some witty innovations in the industry that allow even the busiest mothers to look great. We are speaking of cosmetic tattoos, such as semi permanent eyebrows, or even lip makeup. But let’s see what other approaches a busy mom could take in order to declutter their schedules.


1. Opt for permanent or semi-permanent makeup

You don’t have to give up good looks in order to declutter your schedule. Simply opt for the less time-consuming choice that you have. In terms of makeup, that would be permanent or semi-permanent makeup, because, depending on which option you choose, you can either redo it once every 18 months, or you can have it permanently done, with small retouches from time to time. This will allow you to save plenty of time daily on your makeup, depending on the areas that you choose to model permanently. You can opt for various solutions, from eyebrow microbalding, to permanent lip makeup, and even permanent eyeliners. These will save you time to some degree, since they let you only to manage the small details: foundation and contouring. Say goodbye to the makeup that will fade mid-day, frustration and time spent in vain. This is the solution for all busy moms.

2. Wake up a bit earlier

Of course, we are not encouraging women to give up a chunk of their good-night sleep, but by waking up with 15-20 minutes earlier each day, you can cross of your daily task list some important aspects. If you manage to wake up before your children, you will be able to easily prepare their lunches and arrange your clothes, even take a short shower. For busy moms, it’s all about timing.

3. Go for grocery shopping only once a week

Make a list during the list. As soon as you run low on something, put it on that list. At the end of the week, visit the grocery shop and buy everything that you will need the whole week. This will save you plenty of time, not to mention gas money. Shop smart, and do it only once a week.

4. Use technology to your advantage

There’s an app for everything, so make sure that you find those apps that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Banking apps, grocery apps, they all come in handy when it comes to decluttering your schedule.

These are some simple strategies that all moms could apply in order to declutter their busy schedules. Make sure to follow those and save your time and sanity. Also, never forget to save some weekly time for yourself. This will make your existence easier.

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How to decorate the attic – easy steps and recommendations

How to decorate the attic – easy steps and recommendations

The lack of space is a common problem, especially for young people, due to the fact that they cannot afford to invest in a large house or apartment yet. But, fortunately, there are solutions. For example, one of the top recommendations which are made by the famous interior designers from the UK is to use every small space from inside a house, such as a basement or an attic. When it comes to the attic, people usually use it for storing different things that they do not use anymore (that kind of junk that they cannot throw away because they feel too emotionally attached).


But this is not the right attitude. The attic could be decorated in a fancy way if you pay attention to a few details. A good idea is transforming it into a bedroom for children, a guest room or a home office. In case you do not have any clue how to handle everything, here are some good suggestions.

Use ribbons to make everything look elegant and fancy

Order a larger quantity of ribbons from and use them to make the attic look spectacular. If you do a small research on the Internet, you will see that there are many DIY projects that you can easily handle. They are also a way of saving money, due to the fact that ordering ribbons is an affordable thing. But, when you place your order online, make sure that you match the colours. The ribbons that you use for creating decorations should be matched with the way the walls are painted, for example.

Add a comfortable armchair with a coloured blanket on it

No matter if you decide to transform the attic into a regular room or a home office, it is a real must to include a comfortable armchair inside it. Experts say that there is nothing more relaxing than reading a good book, on a rainy afternoon, while you sit in your favourite armchair. In case you have some extra ribbons, use them for decorating the blanket.

Place the table/ desk close to the window

This is one of the most important rules, due to the fact that usually, the attic is a kind of dark room. Therefore, the experts say that you should use the light properly. Add a coffee table (where you can keep your notebooks or other similar things) close to the window. In case you plan to transform the attic into an elegant office, the desk should be located such that the light to come from behind.

Save space by adding shelves on the wall

You can use these shelves for keeping all your decorative elements or books. But make sure that they are made of qualitative materials in order to prove resistant.


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Men and wedding suits: important considerations 

Men and wedding suits: important considerations 


When it comes to fashion, some men say that they are somehow confused. They do not know what types of clothes they should choose, how to perfectly match them and which the best stores from where to buy them are. Things can be even more complicated when it comes to a special event such as a wedding. Grooms always complain about the fact that finding the perfect suit is more difficult than finding the white dress. But, it should not be so. Nowadays there are some smart solutions such as wedding suit hire. If you are not convinced yet, here are some important considerations:

Why is finding the perfect wedding suit such a difficult decision?

  • The wedding period is a very stressful one. There are so many things that men have to put in order. Thus, there is no wonder that your head will start spinning with all the problems. You are prone to make mistakes, especially when it comes to the wedding outfit.
  • The majority of men have the tendency to be quite neglecting. They refuse going shopping until the wedding date is close. Thus, when they take the decision of buying something, they are always in a rush.
  • There are men who say that only the bride’s outfit is important, a thing which is not true. Both bride and groom should be in the spotlight.
  • Others claim that they hate doing shopping. Therefore, searching for the perfect outfit is like a nightmare. But, if they decide to hire the suit, things can be simpler. You can order it online, only by providing a few details about your size and preferences.

The benefits of hiring the wedding suit:

Frist of all, you get rid of the idea of going from one shop to another. You just find a company and ask them to hire you the suit. But you should make sure that the reservation is made on time. You can choose from a wide variety of options. Secondly, you can save money and invest them in something else, such as your honeymoon. A wedding always proves an expensive investment, but if you organise wisely your budget, you can avoid running out of money.

But this is not all. If you seek for attention, hiring the wedding suit is definitely the right solution. You can find original clothes and choose something out of the ordinary. Avoid clichés such as a black or grey wedding suit and go for something more daring. Your wedding guests will be definitely impressed.








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Questions you should ask a personal trainer before hiring

Questions you should ask a personal trainer before hiring


Have you decided to start training? Then you should not do it by yourself, especially if this is the first time when you exercise. You should do it under the supervision of a personal trainer, who designs exercises suitable for your body type. But finding a trainer is sometimes similar to dating, because you have to be sure that both of you have the same view when it comes to the results you want to achieve, and you get along. You have to find a personal trainer Fairlawn, who has the purpose to make you your best asset. Different factors make a person the ideal trainer for you, so it is a good idea to put on a paper the qualities you are looking in them. Also, when you talk with them, you should make sure that you ask them some of the following questions, because it is important to find a person who understands your goals, and works with you to achieve them.

What was your motivation to become a trainer?

You should make sure that the trainer you are hiring has the purpose to help people, motivate them to become a better version of them and to make the world a healthier place. You should not hire a person who has the goal to work with celebrities and to earn a lot of money. If you work with a person who sees exercising as their passion, then you can be sure that you will get better results.

Do you have any certification?

Your safety is important when you exercise, so you should check if the personal trainer you are hiring has the needed knowledge to design a program that will suit your body’s needs. Specialists consider that the most important factor that should influence your choice is the certification the trainer has, because it is crucial for them to have a good knowledge of fitness and health. So the ideal trainer should have a degree in exercise science and a conditioning specialist certification. In this way, you know for sure that they will consider all the essential factors when designing your exercising program.

Have you worked with people who has the same goal as I have?

The first step to understand if the trainer has the same goals as you do is to ask them if they have worked with people in your condition. In case you want to lose weight, you should make sure that they have helped other people before, in doing it. You should ask them what methods they use for different purposes, because some people use the same training, no matter what the client’s goal is. You should make sure that they would design the exercising program according to your health and goals. The personal trainer should consider your individual goal the most important one. You should hire a person who works for you and who understands your goals, because this is the best way to get the best results. These are only some of the most important questions you should ask your personal trainer, so make sure to include them on the list.

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Tips to eat right before a 5 aside football game

Tips to eat right before a 5 aside football game


Do you like playing 5-aside football whenever you have free time? You might have noticed that you are not able to stay on the field until the end of the match, because you feel exhausted at the middle of the game. Well, you should know that this is due to your diet and training. If you do not practice sport on a regularly basis, and you do not eat healthy you will have issues in being a successful player. But this does not mean that you cannot improve your game. If you want to become a professional player and to get in one of the 5 aside football leagues in London, then you should pay attention to your nutrition before coming on the field. Football is an activity, which requires a combination of endurance, agility and speed, so you should provide your body the nutrients it needs to resist on the field.

When should you eat before a 5-aside game?

You should allow three or four hours to digest before going on the field. If you have the kick-off at 8p.m. then you should have a substantial meal at 4p.m. If you feel the need to eat something in this interval, then you should opt for a mug of soup, some crackers or a sandwich. However, make sure that there pass at least two hours after your meal, because the food has to digest in order for you to feel good on the field.

What should you eat?

You should make sure that you add protein to your meals, so at the lunchtime you should eat turkey or chicken. Also, do not forget to eat yogurt, low-fat milk and fruits, because you need extra calcium and protein. If you are a woman, then you should make sure you provide your body the needed amount of iron, so you should eat aliments rich in iron.

What aliments should you avoid?

You should make sure that you avoid hamburgers, fried eggs and French fires before playing 5-aside football. Actually, you should not include them in your diet at all, if you want to have a healthy life. They can make you feel seek during the game, and this is the last thing you want. You can have a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter before the game, but make sure you stick at only one slice. Before getting on the field, you should eat some “real” foods, so make sure you do not eat processed aliments.

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