Inpatient Alcohol Rehab: The Primary Benefits


In most instances, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient programs have the potential to be equally effective.  It all comes down to the unique circumstances of the individual in question and the quality of the programme being offered.  When seeking alcohol rehab advice in Kent, those concerned will usually be presented with a number of options, in accordance with their own personal preferences and means.  But at the same time, there are many experts for home inpatient alcohol rehab represents the single most effective and beneficial approach to treatment.

Residential rehab is often viewed as either restricted to those in the most dire situations, or something of a last resort when and where other courses of treatment have failed.  In reality, it’s a readily available option which in no way requires those concerned to be at breaking point. There are certain unique benefits that come with residential rehabilitation programmes, which may not apply to comparable outpatient alternatives.

What follows is a brief overview of just a few of the reasons why so many professionals pinpoint residential rehab as the pinnacle of addiction treatment:

Physical Advantages

One of the things every recovering alcoholic will have to accept is the inevitability of withdrawal symptoms and side-effects.  Regardless of whether alcohol is immediately cut off or withdrawn more gradually, unpleasant physical side effects are part and parcel of the recovery process.  Unsurprisingly, unpleasant and in some instances potentially debilitating side effects are exactly the kinds of things that can significantly increase the likelihood of relapse.  As such, when any individual chooses to manage their own recovery process manually, their respective likelihood of relapse due to intolerable side-effects increases significantly.  In a residential rehab facility, those working therein have every possible treatment and medication at their disposal, to ensure that the severity of all such side effects and symptoms is minimised.  In turn, this significantly improves the likelihood that the individual in question will recover successfully and avoid relapse.

Psychological Advantages

There’s also much to be said for the unique psychological advantages that our exclusive to residential rehab facilities. The physical benefits are obvious – on-going treatment and supervision, access to medication and so on and so forth.  In terms of psychological benefits, it’s not quite so apparent or tangible.  When going about the treatment process under your own management, you only have yourself to rely on when it comes to the support, advice and guidance you are going to need. Which in turn can make it extremely difficult to cope, when facing the more challenging aspects of withdrawal.  Not only this, but given the way in which you know you are technically free to relapse at any time, you may find it significantly more difficult to avoid doing so. By contrast, when the treatment and recovery process takes place in a residential rehab facility, the immediate comfort is taken from the fact that others are watching over your progress.  Simply knowing that there are professionals all around you with the advice, support and indeed the medication you may occasionally require can in its own right by comforting enough to boost the likelihood of successful recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The above benefits apply to every type of drug addiction whatsoever, which can be treated any residential rehab facility.  Nevertheless, those who are battling alcohol addiction may find residential rehab uniquely advantageous, perhaps to a greater extent than others.

The reason being that alcohol addiction in its own right is somewhat different to other drug addictions.  This is because not only is alcohol entirely legal, but it is also comprehensively affordable and available absolutely everywhere.  When battling the majority of other common drug addictions, it’s not as if the drugs in question are readily available at every single shop, supermarket, restaurant and bar spanning the entirety of United Kingdom.  By contrast, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere these days where you are not surrounded by readily available alcohol.  Which is precisely why it can be so difficult to fight alcohol addiction at home, given the way in which temptation is there at all times and on every corner.

With residential rehab, the very fact that alcohol is and readily available exponentially reduces or even eliminates the temptation to obtain or use alcohol.  When you place yourself in an environment where alcohol consumption is fundamentally out of the question, you are of course more likely to abstain and less likely to relapse than you would be at home.



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