Car accidents and their implications – The Uber scenario


Uber is already more than a popular transportation mean, it is a religion. Young individuals especially are choosing it instead of other transportation means because the drivers are respectful and the lifts are clean and well-maintained. Getting an Uber drive is certainly a better alternative than getting another type of public transportation, and when considering that the each driver has a good background check performed on them beforehand, many consider those to be considerably safer as well. But accidents happen, and before hopping into it, you must know what is to do in such cases. Well, if things go downhill, call an Uber accident lawyer, and then listen to their advice. But more, in the following paragraphs.

1. After the collision

Of course, as soon as any type of accident occurs, you must make sure that everybody is safe and their lives are not into any sort of danger. Afterwards, of course, you should call the police and inform them regarding the accident.  Regardless of the amplitude of the accident, of how damaged the vehicles were, of the injuries suffered by those in the accident, you want to make sure that you have an official police report filled in at the scene. It will make it easier to assess the damages afterwards. Make sure that the driver informs Uber right away about the accident. Then, of course, you want to make sure that you get in touch with an attorney specialized in these matters. They most certainly are able to get you some kind of compensation in this case. The compensation may come from the driver themselves, some additional money from Uber, or completely covered by Uber.

2. What should you know about Uber driver policies?

Because the company is new on the market, there is a blurry line regarding their policies. Who is liable in case of an accident? Who is paying for the injuries suffered by other parties? How can one be sure that they get paid the amount they are entitled to? The reality is that you should seek help from a professional lawyer, because they know more details about this rather complicated process. But you should know as a general rule that the company itself steps in where insurance companies stop.

3. How much does the Uber insurance cover?

If a passenger is suffering any type of injury during an Uber drive, the company should cover completely the injuries suffered. And the good part is that whose fault was, doesn’t matter. The accident may occur as a result of the actions of another uninsured driver, and the company will still cover these costs. However, there intervene challenges if you make a claim that passes 1 million $. You should still seek legal advice from a specialized lawyer, if this is your case.

No matter how the accident occurred, whose fault was it, you should certainly seek legal advice and help from a specialized lawyer. They are the most appropriate for such cases, so search yours carefully.

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