Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keep the bugs at bay with TerraShield

Monday night as I was working in the garden I was attacked by a TON of mosquitoes. 

It is suspected that people are born with a genetic predisposition to attract mosquitoes and it is also suspected that pregnancy makes it even worse (for anyone) because of the excess carbon dioxide that is released by the body.  So, having BOTH I was quite attacked on Monday.  I was in shock, because I hadn't seen them at all before this night.

Well, you can rest assured that I will not be going to the garden without my handy dandy TerraShield ever again!  Its the cheapest of all the oils/blends that doTERRA sells.  Only $9.50 (wholesale)!!!  I am stocking up.
To use TerraShield you can apply the oils topically to the places on your body you want to protect.  You can also make an all natural bug spray by diluting TerraShield with coconut oil or water (shake before use if you choose water) in a small spray bottle.  I would probably put 20-30 drops (but I need strength being a mosquito magnet and all, some people suggest 8-10 drops).

***Remember to choose a glass spray bottle (2 oz bottles available at for only $0.85 each) so that the oils don't eat away at the plastic.  The plastic pieces attached the the bottles at AromaTools are a high enough grade of plastic that the oils do not eat away at them.

Have you already been bit?  Try using Melaleuca and/or Lavender OR Purify to clear those bites up.  I love using my blend of Melaleuca and Oregano (30 drops Melaleuca, 10 drop Oregano in a 5ml bottle and then finish filling with coconut oil), because apparently I need some heavy duty stuff when I get bit, haha.


  1. Hi there, just found your blog searching for mixing my Terrashield with water. I know this post is a year old, but i'm hoping you'll answer a question for me. Right on the bottle and everywhere else I can find, it says pregnant women should consult a physian. And i've seen elsewhere the Lemon essential oil (which is used in Terrashield) is one not to use when pregnant (though i don't know if i buy that). Do you know if Terrashield is safe during pregnancy or what it would be that would cause them to put a warning on the bottle? Thanks!

    1. Anytime they post that it is a legal concern. Because certain oils have potential to induce labor in high doses, they have to have the warning. You should be fine in small doses (typical terrashield use). Just don't bath in it ;)

  2. Also, Steph was pregnant when she posted this.