Sunday, September 4, 2011

Past Tense : doTERRA's essential oil TENSION BLEND (AKA the love of my life)

If I could only have 2 essential oils with me in this life they would be Wild Orange (of course!) and Past Tense.  I was without Past Tense for a few weeks and they were the most horrible weeks!!!  I have a lot of stress and my stress immediately shows itself in the form of tension from my shoulders up to the base of my skull.  It is HORRIBLE!  I feel like I am carrying 50 lbs on my neck.  Past Tense is the ONLY oil that works for me to get rid of that horrible tension.

I finally got a new Past Tense and believe me I will never be without it again!   I can't handle life without it.

I've been getting a really horrible pain - right where the rib cage meets - it's like a cylinder of pain that just goes straight through to my back and radiates outward.  It makes it hard to breathe, or else I feel like it's hard to breathe even though I actually can.  I should probably go to the doctor... I'll have to get on that.  Anyway, it's been happening more frequently and usually takes about 30 minutes to go away and when it does it just vanishes.  It's weird.

I thought maybe it's gas, maybe I have asthma, maybe it's stress related, maybe it's an allergic reaction, but the circumstances leading up to the pain are always completely different!

I have tried a bunch of oils for it.  I have treated myself with anxiety oils, digestive blends, etc., etc.  Finally I discovered that Breathe seemed to lighten it up a bit, so I started just breathing that in.  This is when I thought I might have asthma.  It helped, but it wouldn't really get rid of the issue.  Then one day I really felt like I should try Past Tense, so with some of my very last drops I rubbed Past Tense where the most pain was near my rub cage and then on the opposite side (on my back).  I am not kidding you, 2 minutes later the pain was GONE!  VANISHED!

I literally NEED this blend in my life.  It is AWESOME!

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