Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cleaning with doTERRA Essential Oils

I absolutely HATE cleaning, although I love cleanliness. :)  Is anyone else different? Haha.

One of my biggest problems with cleaning (for instance the table and countertops) is that I have little toddlers.  Whenever I get around to Caleb there is inevitably at least 1 child awake whose little hands are going to immediately be led (by some inhuman force?) to rest on that surface.  Can you say TOXIC OVERLOAD?  And I have always been a NUT about anti-bacterial stuff, we don't have the most forgiving cleaners... until now.

Now all I do is buy a glass spray bottle (you need glass, because essential oils bond with other oils and so if you put them in plastic they will eat away at the plastic, bonding with those EXTREMELY TOXIC OILS - so JUST SAY NO!) and fill it most of the way with water and add some drops of essential oils.  Citrus oils are best for cleaning (and they are the cheapest to buy, WIN-WIN).

Here is what I use roughly (and there is no science behind this - I just know that it cleans and we haven't gotten salmonella poisoning) :

2 oz water
10-15 drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil (you can use any citrus)

You can use larger spray bottles as well.  I purchase mine from Aroma Tools and they are extremely cheap and a really strong amber glass.  Incredibly strong.  Trust me, I have toddlers.

I clean everything with this mix.  I spray down the bathrooms and the kitchen and the walls.  I even spray my diaper sprayer after every use and just let it air dry, so that all the nasty germies get killed off.

ANOTHER PRO - Your mood improves!  Cleaning with toxic supplies can just be downright depressing and anxiety provoking, but by using the doTERRA essential citrus oils your mood will immediately begin to improve.  I am serious.

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